Sedation Dentistry Enhances Patient Comfort

Dental anxiety or phobia of visiting the dentist’s office is common and prevents many patients from receiving much-needed dental care. Patients may have had previous unpleasant or painful experiences, and hesitate to return to a dentist. In other cases, a patient may have a physical condition that makes sitting still for any period of time difficult or need to undergo extensive treatment. Dr. Xhoana Gjelaj prioritizes her patient’s comfort and care and provides sedation dentistry options at her Trinity, FL, dental practice to help all of her patients achieve a calm, relaxed state during dental treatments.

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About Sedation Dentistry


During a consultation, Dr. Gjelaj and our team can discuss your sedation options and what might be most appropriate for your needs.

What is Sedation Dentistry or “Sleep Dentistry”?

Sedation dentistry, sometimes called “Sleep Dentistry,” is a safe, gentle option used to help patients relax while they are having dental treatment.  Medication will be used but you usually remain awake, unless you opt for a general anesthetic which will make you sleep.

Dr. Gjelaj will discuss the sedation options with you so that you can choose the one you prefer and which she feels is best suited to your circumstances:

  • A low level of sedation – you will feel completely relaxed but will not be asleep.
  • Moderate sedation – you will feel more relaxed, even drowsy and although not fully asleep, you may not remember much afterwards.
  • Deep sedation – you will wake up easily but will be more or less unconscious.
  • General anesthetic – you will be fully asleep/unconscious and will not be aware of anything.

As well as being sedated, Dr. Gjelaj will still apply a local anesthetic into your gum so that you will not feel any pain while she works on your teeth.

What are the benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Being sedated while you have dental work completed brings with it many benefits. Your anxiety will be relieved, you will be less aware or totally unaware of the procedure being carried out and your fear will be a thing of the past.

Do you offer IV Sedation?

For extensive implant work, such as full-arch dental implants, a Board Certified Dental Anesthesiologist with advanced training is available to provide deep sedation and general anesthesia to make you either almost unconscious or totally unconscious — deeply asleep — during the procedure.

Who should consider Sedation Dentistry?

If the thought of dental treatment fills you with dread, then sedation dentistry is well worth considering.  Whether you have a phobia or something less, by allowing your dentist to sedate you, dental treatment can be carried out quickly and efficiently.  Talk to your dentist about sedation dentistry if you have problems with any of the following:

  • A fear of dentists
  • Low pain threshold
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • A gag reflex that causes problems during treatment
  • Need to have a vast amount of work carried out
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